Sunday, January 16, 2011

Weekend Roundup

Good advice.

What a fab weekend. Let me reminisce.

Friday we wrapped up and went to the beach for supper - fish and chips and a few lovely photos of the girl.

Then on Saturay we TIDIED and Cris found six bags of stuff to give away to the Benson Thomas's. Izel went to MaPa's for a sleepover and Tom had fun at the Glasshouse.

We ate a beautiful dish - duck breast with fig - and drank no more than we needed to be merry. And we met Graham the Wheneverly Correspondent from Mongolia.

The next day was Ma's birthday, so we scrambled a dozen eggs and took them to Wylie's Baths.

I love Wylie's Baths. It's the best place in the country. And such good life advice.

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